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Lighted signage is one of the best ways to illuminate your business at night. When the sun goes down, regular, non-lighted signs virtually disappear, meaning no one can see that you exist no matter where you’re located. Lighted signs, on the other hand, can be spotted quickly and easily from the highway, side of the road and on the street. They catch the eye, draw attention to your business, and alert customers that you are indeed open. They also perform well during the day, for 24/7 impact.

Beasley Signs offers a variety of lighted signs in Chattanooga TN that meets your business needs. From indoor and outdoor, to large and small, we can help. Catering to our regular customers and our wholesale customers, we specialize in the manufacture of lighted signs as well as installation. Our signs come in a variety of materials, finishes, styles and sizes that can incorporate anything from channel lettering to LED displays. You can even have a constantly changing sign that rotates different messages digitally for your customers. It’s never been easier to announce sales, highlight specials, and pass on facts about your products.

In addition to manufacturing and installation of lighted signs, we repair and service old signs as well. So, if your old lighted sign is blown out or broken in some way, please call us immediately. A neglected sign reflects poorly on your business.

Making A Statement

Whether you choose fluorescent or LED lights, all the signs we make are UL approved for your peace of mind. For colorful, high-impact communication, it’s possible to control your LED sign boards from a centralized location. Our vibrant, colorful displays attract attention and are ideal for restaurants, bars, retail stores and more. Lighted box signs and lighted sign cabinets make the perfect complement to your traditional advertising campaign. Think of your company sign as silent salespeople. Did you know that 68% of customers think signage reflects the quality of a business’ product and service? Also, nearly 70% of Americans say they made a purchase because a sign caught their interest. And four out of five brands reported a 33% increase in sales through lighted sign usage.

It’s no wonder, then, that lighted signs are some of the best signs you can use to represent your business, as they have the longest life span and look the most professional, giving your customers the first impression they deserve.

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Located in Dalton, Beasley Signs offers nearly three decades of handcrafting, repairing and installing signs for businesses. Thanks to our attention to detail, precision performance and friendly customer service, you can count on our licensed and insured company for exceptional local service. Keep in mind, all electrical signs we make come with a two-year warranty. To order your lighted sign, contact Raymond Beasley at Beasley Signs at or call us at 1-205-541-0659.