Every business needs a way for a customer to identify them as a legitimate business. You need a way to stand out from other businesses and be remembered by potential customers.

Beasley Signs can help you with all your business signs and vinyl needs. Whether it’s an electrical sign or a channel letter sign, Beasley Signs can custom design and hand make your perfect sign. Here is an explanation of all the different types of signs you can have to stand out from the rest.

Channel Lettering

Channel letters have a huge impact on the image of a new or existing business. The professional, sharp looking letters work for you day and night letting your potential customers know that you are there and mean business. There are a few types of channel letters which include front lit and reverse halo lit. Mixing and matching different materials and color options can create an endless amount of options for your sign. Take a look at our sign gallery to see some examples of channel letters.

Parts of a Channel Lettering sign

Acrylic Face

  • This is the part of the sign that lights up.
  • We have many colors available: red, blue, yellow, clear, etc.
  • We use 3/16″ sign grade acrylic on the faces.
  • Translucent vinyl is sometimes applied to the faces to enhance the coloring.
  • We offer full color digital printing onto translucent media to create faces, shadows, outlines, and many more effects.

  • For channel letters 30″ and smaller, we use 0.040 aluminum.
  • For channel letters 30″ and larger, we use 0.032 aluminum.
  • Larger capsules sometimes require an even stronger material, such as a 3mm Dibond metal / plastic composite. They will be riveted to the backer.
  • The backer is white to bounce the light to the front of the sign for the best lighting conditions.
  • For safety we do not use PVC, scrap material, MDO wood, or any materials that are not UL listed.

  • The returns are the sides of the channel letters.
  • Returns are typically 5″ wide to create the optimal depth for LED lighting.
  • The returns are made from 0.032 aluminum.
  • We have multiple colors of returns available: white, red, black, blue, green, gold, silver, and more.
  • Returns are permanently fastened to the backer.
Edgecap Trim

  • The edgecap trim is one of the most important parts of a channel letter.
  • It is glued to the acrylic face, then screwed into the return.
  • We have many colors available: white, black, red, blue, green, bronze, and more.
  • The edgecap trim can be custom painted, but painting the trim is an involved process and could become expensive depending on the project.

  • The raceway is where the channel letters are mounted.
  • The raceway also hides and protects the wiring for the LEDs.
  • Our raceways are made out of 0.063 aluminum.
  • The raceway lid extends the entire length of the top of the sign, allowing easy access to the wiring and electric components inside.
  • The standard raceway size is 8″ tall and 5″ deep.
  • Standard colors available: black, white, tan, dark brown, and burgundy. We can also custom paint your raceway to any color you desire.
  • The landlord of your property usually will decide if your sign requires a raceway or not. Most landlords would prefer a sign to have a raceway, as a raceway needs fewer holes drilled to be mounted.
  • 25% of our channel letter projects do not have a raceway. These are called direct mount channel letters. These have a nicer finish but require significantly more wiring to be done behind th wall the sign is mounted to.
LED Lighting

  • A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that emits light when an electric current is passed through it.
  • LEDs are highly efficient. Over 80% more efficient than signs using neon or incandescent lettering.
  • We use LED lighting, not incandescent, on all of our channel letter signs.
  • We only use UL listed LEDs and electrical components for safety.
  • LEDs are the majority of the cost of a set of channel letters, so please be aware using excessively bold or large letters. This will increase the cost of the sign.

Lighted Signs

Lighted signage is one of the best ways to illuminate your business at night. When the sun goes down, regular, non-lighted signs virtually disappear, meaning no one can see that you exist no matter where you’re located. Lighted signs, on the other hand, can be spotted quickly and easily from the highway, side of the road and on the street. They catch the eye, draw attention to your business, and alert customers that you are indeed open. They also perform well during the day, for 24/7 impact.

Beasley Signs offers a variety of lighted signs in Gadsden AL that meets your business needs. From indoor and outdoor, to large and small, we can help. Catering to our regular customers and our wholesale customers, we specialize in the manufacture of lighted signs as well as installation. Our signs come in a variety of materials, finishes, styles and sizes that can incorporate anything from channel lettering to LED displays. You can even have a constantly changing sign that rotates different messages digitally for your customers. It’s never been easier to announce sales, highlight specials, and pass on facts about your products.

In addition to manufacturing and installation of lighted signs, we repair and service old signs as well. So, if your old lighted sign is blown out or broken in some way, please call us immediately. A neglected sign reflects poorly on your business.